EA SPORTS is just that good.

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    Today I saw a myriad of great case studies of how advertisers are starting to engage and reengage with the Youtube community. According to YouTube, this community is made up of enough users to be the third largest country in the world, and these users in August ‘08 help YouTube overtake Yahoo! in the number of searches in a given month. Big numbers and even bigger opportunity.

    A member on the EA team did a search on their 2008 Tiger Woods game and saw the following video from the YouTube user Levinator25:

    The video shows some poor coders mistake of allowing the virtual Tiger Woods being able to play golf while walking on water, hence the name of the video “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot”. It’s cute and cheeky, and garnered a few views over a 8 month period of time since it was publicly posted on 8/30/07.

    As the ‘08 game grew in popularity YouTube users heard about or stumbled upon this well tagged video. At around 10-20K video views is the time I’m guessing someone on the EA Sports team must have found the video. I’m sure for the game developers seeing a game glitch highlighted was a hard thing to watch, but instead of ignoring it they decided to use it. Good call EA.

    A little over a year after the original (now a little over 50K video views) “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Jesus Shot” was posted EA decided to post a reply on YouTube to the original video that just made the mistake…cool:

    What was the cost for this?
    Hopefully little as they likely / hopefully tied this in with another shoot they were doing cutting the cost greatly. Could they have done it cheaper? Yes. While Youtube has upgraded their video specs (now in 16:9 ratio) people are not expecting to see amazing Michael Bay H-D videos and advertisers should use that to there advantage.

    What was the pay-off for EA?
    While the original 2007 video has roughly 800K video views to date the EA reply video has generated:

  • 2.5 million video views
  • 6,873 ratings (users ranked the video 1-5 stars)
  • 27 Responses from other YouTube users
  • Favorited by users 9,872 times
  • Not to mention that it’s currently ranked #8 for top gaming videos for all-time.
    Overall good job EA for listening and reengaging- you are just that good.

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