We Won!- Overdrive Interactive Wins Award for Best Use of Search at the 2008 MITX Awards

    Posted: November 20th, 2008 | Author: MO | Filed under: Uncategorized |

    Very excited to announce that Overdrive Interactive won “Best Use of Search” for our Harley-Davidson Campaign. Check out the official Overdrive statement, which has a dark group photo of us celebrating the team win. I’m very proud of all the team members who worked on this highly publicized win.

    Take a walk up to the Stage for the Win:

    *note: yes I did say Vroom on stage, the moment and Harley-Davidson Brand got the best of me.

    Search Campaigns are not often given public limelight so it’s nice to get the praise from the Boston interactive community. Overall though the limelight is for suckers; I’d rather show a report with measurable metrics and a positive ROI any day. In someways I’d love to see an award in the interactive community for “Best improved ROI“, “Best Landing Page Optimization“, or “Best Synergy in the conversion path-Adtext through desired action“. As a community I think that would be the better signal to send to our potential client market then “It’s pretty Branding, hooray”.

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