I’m in love with ChaCha

    Posted: August 31st, 2008 | Author: MO | Filed under: Uncategorized |

    ChaCha is the greatest party novelty in a long time. As explained from the site:

    ChaCha is conversational, fun, and easy to use. Simply ask your question like you are talking to a smart friend and ChaCha’s advanced technology instantly routes it to the most knowledgeable person on that topic in our Guide community. Your answer is then returned to your phone as a text message within a few minutes.


    Amazingly enough it works pretty well and has given me the correct information 90% of the time. While I could simply perform a Google search on my palm to find the info there is some prestige in saying I’ll just ask ChaCha and continuing in a conversation. The only con right now is it sometime takes up to ten minutes to get an answer, which is unacceptable. Give it a try the next time you have a random question.

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