4 Day till I Run the Boston Marathon for Dana-Farber

    Posted: April 17th, 2008 | Author: MO | Filed under: Uncategorized |

    This post has nothing to do with Online Marketing, but the excitement is building.
    One Monday I will run the 112th Boston Marathon. This will be my third marathon (2nd official) so some of the first time nerves are long gone, but this is the Boston Marathon so I still have plenty. Boston in the endurance racing world is like the SuperBowl of Marathons: Elite Athletes, Large amount of runners, Newton hills, and the best supportive crowds. The course is gnarley as it can trick the runner to run faster than they should as till mile 17 it is mainly downhill. Living in Boston I’ve done the majority of my training directly on the course, so I know my strong spots and I know where I’m really going to need the Fans to give me a shot of endorphins.

    The why I started running marathons is too long for this post, but it’s been an amazing experience to know your limits and then surpass them. Running Boston is a real treat, and doing it with the Dana-Farber Marathon challenge team has been fantastic. The team is extremely friendly and every team member is a real inspiration for better health and helping advance Cancer treatment research. My Flip video camera has been cleared out and is ready to get some great shots of online initiatives in use during the Marathon.

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