BIMA 3rd Annual Agency Shoot Out

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    On Thursday the Boston Interactive Media Association (BIMA) held their 3rd Annual Agency Shoot Out at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston. The event was billed as a “head-to-head” of some of Boston’s leading agencies. Six agency’s sat on the panel to discuss today’s “Hot Topics” that faces digital marketing, while being moderated by Ron Belanger, Vice President of Agency Development, Yahoo!. The panel consisted of (seated left to right in the below video’s):

    -Brian Babineau, Vice President/Director, Media Digitas

    -Whitney Berns, Vice President, Director SEM, Media Contacts Boston

    -Adam Cahill, Vice President, General Manager, Carat Boston

    -Bill Haeck, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, One to One Interactive

    -Stephanie Rogers, Senior Director, Contact Planning, PARTNERS+simons

    -John Wolfarth, Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director, Mullen

    As the evening was held at the Hard Rock Cafe Ron started the panel introduction with the question: “Who are you, and what’s your favorite band”.

    -Brian Babineau- “Led Zeppelin”
    -Whitney Berns- “The Samples”
    -Adam Cahill- “Dave Matthews”
    -Bill Haeck- “Van Halen”
    -Stephanie Rogers- “STEPHANE POMPOUGNAC, House DJ at Hotel Costes, Paris, FR”
    -John Wolfarth- “Vampire Weekend”

    Question- What are your thoughts on online spending related to user consumption?

    -Brian Babineau- “The big challenge is the bright shiny bubble factor…”
    -Whitney Berns- “Comes down to metrics ultimately”
    -Adam Cahill- “Most of the money that’s being controlled is being directed by traditional lead agencies, and there’s always going to be a uncertainty to move away from that…”
    -Bill Haeck- “We’ve grown up in a silo manner focusing on individual tactics…”
    -Stephanie Rogers- “I think we are hitting that watershed moment were budgets will shift more towards to web”
    -John Wolfarth- “People Lie, percentage of spend to consumption can’t be compared”

    Question- What online media properties do you deem a first buy?

    -Brian Babineau- “Just buying space understanding the breadth and demo of your audience, and telling us your CPM is just not a first by approach”
    -Whitney Berns-“A couple of key thing matter, its volume and its control”
    -Adam Cahill- “Partners that can be strategic, and help agencies be smarter”
    -Bill Haeck- “Folks we tend to like to work with are the folks we can engage in a partnership…”
    -Stephanie Rogers- “we spend a lot of time on the upfront trying to understand who we are trying to reach”
    -John Wolfarth- no comment

    Question- How are you pitching creative concepts now that there are more options via digital?

    Question- How do you compensate your staff on creativity and innovation?

    Question- What are your thoughts on the segmentation between Creative and Media teams in traditional agencies?

    Question- What are your thoughts on publisher and agency partnerships; are they too cozy?

    Question- How do you portion a clients budget by channel?

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