Top 5 SuperBowl XLII Ad Winners.

    Posted: February 4th, 2008 | Author: MO | Filed under: Uncategorized |

    The Pats may have lost, but from the group of 40 I was watching the game with, these are the winning ads of tonight:

    5. Pepsi - Magnetic Attraction Super Bowl Ad- Justin has added to his comedy routine with an ad you can’t help but laugh at.

    4.Bud Light Wine & Cheese Party Commercial, DDB Chicago- An ad that speaks to man’s drive to innovate, especially when forced to go to a wine and cheese party when the game is on.

    3.E*TRADE Trading Baby 2008, Grey Worldwide New York - A cute baby banker who needs a wipe.

    2.Budweiser Clydesdale Team Commercial, DDB Chicago
    - A SuperBowl classic character that pays homage to Rocky.

    1.Thrillicious: 2008 Sobe Life Water Super Bowl Ad, The Arnell Group - Clearly the winner with crazy Sobe lizards dancing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance led by Naomi Campbell . A commercial that anyone of any age can enjoy. Sobe also receives extra points for basing their campaign on a new keyword term: “Thrillicious”. When doing a search on “Thrillicious”, they own the top natural listing, and they even are hedging their bets with a Google AdWords CPC ad.
    Thrillicious Well done Thrillicious.

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