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    Mobile SMS Interactive Campaigns originally started with Huge Campaign Budgets for giant interactive billboards held in Times Square:


    • Coca-Cola unveiled one of the world’s first Mobile interactive billboards, switched on in Piccadilly Circus, London. The 99-foot billboard responded to the day’s weather and interacted with people looking at it from the ground via optical sensors. It was (to my knowledge) one of the first billboards to be able to respond to text messages from onlookers text messages.


    • Dove Campaign for Real Beauty employed an interactive billboard in Times Square that served as a public forum answering the question “What is beautiful? As people walked by they vote on the “beauty” of the billboards rotating images. As votes were cast via Mobile SMS a tally would appear in real-time aside the image.
    • Yahoo! Automotive utilized an interactive billboard in Times Square to promote itself. The billboard allowed people to play a car video game on a 23-stoires tall billboard via their Mobile phones.

    In the years since the launch of these huge installations the technology has been made available to anyone for FREE. A company here in Cambridge called LocaModa has taken the spirit of these interactive displays and built a solid back end system that anyone can play with for free. LocaModa’s founding tenants:

    “LocaModa was founded on the insight that out-of-home networks such as Wi-Fi hot-spots, narrowcast digital signage, and IP-based entertainment networks (jukeboxes to cinemas) can be leveraged to provide interactivity, presence and commerce for mobile consumers. With the disruptive force of the web already spreading to out-of-home media, it’s clear that “The Web Outside” will become a major platform for measuring, tracking and monetizing consumer intent.”

    This small screen interactivity has some great applications dependent on the situation and space. Bars and restaurants have used their technology to entertain customers with community games and message boards as they wait for a table or sit/stand at the bar. The technology could also be used for various on-site promotions at a myriad of venues.

      As it is Web-based it does allow users online and in-person to interact forming an interesting social talking point at any venue. Currently you can test several different application demos on there site:

      LocaModa-maze game A Maze game where you use your cellphone as a gamepad

        Locamoda Word Game A Word game where multiple players form words on the screen using sms

            Locamoda city Guide A City guide that uses voice guided telephone prompts to show you items on Google Maps.

                Locamoda also offers a Free application called wiffiti, which allows mobile users to send text messages to any web-enabled display. In 10 minutes I created a michaelorlinski.com board and is currently live:

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